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Bart De Jonghe - founder

Excel in your job by integrating 35 years marketing and sales experience in 7 days

What does it take to be an excellent product manager ? After 35 years of product marketing and sales experience  in leading food and drinks companies like Nestlé, Puratos, Alpro, Sara Lee, … I have a clear answer based on my business experience, in company trainings and best practices.

Excellent product managers are true product leaders, capable of developing clear product strategies and turning these into reality with disciplined implementation, using a collaborative leadership style.

The low success rate of new product launches proves this is a challenge for many product managers. The 2021 Global Best Practices survey from the PDMA shows that the Best companies succeed 75% of their new product launches with the Rest of the companies succeeding only 51 % of their launches *, meaning 1 in 2 is a failure.  

This is understandable as many product managers did not get a formal product management education at school.  We want to solve this problem by training product managers  and help them acquire the necessary competences in the 3 areas required for  success:  product marketing, people management and the partnership with sales. 

Our mission is to share our expertise and help you become productleader.

Learn how to become product leader
in 7 days

Product Marketing as the base

Market Insights

Market understanding is the base for a sharp strategy and successful execution. You will learn what the essential market insights are and how to obtain these, illustrated with real life examples.
We'll explain the market research options and indicate which type of research provides the best answers to the key questions you have when building your strategy.

Product Strategy and Planning

You will learn what product strategy is and how you can develop a motivating product vision, expressed in your unique value proposition.
We detail the operational marketing plan and the 7 steps to build it in alignment with your stakeholders for a successful execution.

Innovation and Renovation

You will learn how to start and manage innovation and renovation projects successfully. We integrate the learnings and best practices from the Product Development and Management Association to help you grow to innovation leadership.
We complete with pricing strategies to build marketshare and profitability.

Activation: getting and keeping Customers

In this module you will learn how to build communication and promotional campaigns to get and keep customers, in a BTB context and in consumer goods.
We'll dive deep in branding and clarify what it takes to build a strong brand and impactful packaging. that sells.

Performance management

You will learn how to build your own PM dashboard to monitor your product portfolio performance and optimise your action plan, starting from an overview of the essential internal and external KPI's and metrics and delivering this together with your internal stakeholders.

completed with People management
& the sales Partnership

People management

Starting from the key success factors and the biggest challenges for product managers, we'll clarify the collaborative leadership style product leaders use to align, influence and lead teams. We use the Insights Discovery model to help you understand your own communication and collaboration style.
You will learn how to build and lead teams, sell your product vision internally and organise the collaboration with your internal stakeholders, 3 areas critical for your success.

Building a strong Partnership with your sales Team

The sales team is your privileged partner to build the WOW for your customer and indispensable ally for your product success. You will learn how to build a strong partnership and overcome the barriers to an aligned and WIN-WIN collaboration through our unique 4 step rocket model.

Building a strong partnership with your key customers through Category Management

Working together with your key retail customers as a category leader is the best guarantee to WOW them and position yourself as product leader. You will learn how category management works and why it is a great way to build a competitive advantage.

Developing your own program with a phased or tailored approach is possible

Unique Practice based expertise in Food and drinks
to help you win in the market

6 Special benefits for you in our trainings

1. you get 25 years of successful product experience In Leading Consumer Goods And BTB Companies like Nestlé, Puratos, Alpro, ... growing From Product Manager to global business unit director .

2. you get More Than 10 Years international Sales And Trade Marketing Experience delivering unique perspective to help you build a strong partnership with your sales team and your customers.

3. You get more than 35 years of expertise in Food and drinks categories at global level in consumer goods and BTB Companies that have proven track records of business success.

4. You get the complete skillset to be successful because our training covers all of the 3 areas required for success : Product marketing, people management and the partnership with sales.

5. Your innovation success rate will go up because you will learn the latest insights and Best Practices from the Product Development and Management Association, where we are member.

6. You get top quality training on people skills as We are an accredited practitioner of The Insights Discovery model, an excellent tool for self understanding which we use together with practical experience to strengthen your collaboration and communication skills.

*For the innovation success rates – see ” Best Practices in new product development and innovation: Results from PDMA’s 2021 global survey” – M.P.Knudsen, M. Von Zedtwitz,  A.Griffin, G Barczak published in the Journal of Product Innovation and Management 40 pp 257-275. A PDMA publication. For more detailed information, please contact me.

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